About Ariel

Ariel is a son of a freelance landscape photographer. His father had a passion for the outdoors and as a child Ariel made multiple trips with his family to National Parks. While waiting for every sunrise and every sunset to appear, Ariel would be at his father’s side while photographing a scene. Ariel learned patience and the pursuit for the perfect light and the perfect time.

Ariel is formally trained at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana. Previously, Ariel then studied fashion design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. While Ariel still very much enjoys capturing landscapes and spending quality time with his Father, his love is capturing people and timeless moments with a journalistic eye. He utilizes his previous experiences to plan a photography session as he would a fashion collection or creative work of art.

Ariel currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Lindsay, and his three daughters.